14. Five-spice baked ribs and 15. Paprika baked sweet potato wedges with honey-glazed bacon & herby crème fraiche

Home Cooking Made Easy p72 and p150.

If I were Lorraine, I’d be telling you how I prefer to buy my meat from my local butcher, and I’d probably include a photo of me flirting with my jolly and slightly rotund butcher. However, I actually prefer to buy meat from the supermarket, but the nice Morrisons butcher was willing to engage in a little flirtation and advise me on my recipe.

Ribs recipe on the bbc, here. I couldn’t buy pork ribs individually – I had to buy two racks, but the (not at all rotund) butcher told me they were very easy to chop up, which they were. He also advised putting the rub on and then leaving them to marinate in the fridge all afternoon. If you’ve read Essential Kit, you’ll know I don’t have a pestle and mortar, but I used a cup and my mini tart shaper to good effect.

grinding the spice rub

I put the ribs in a bowl and covered them with the spice rub. Lorraine says “I like to get my hands in and rub everything in.” I could only use one hand …

Rubbing in… partly so I could take the photo, but mainly because my right hand was savaged by a trolley at Morrisons (you wouldn’t get that happening at your local butcher). Then I tipped them into a plastic bag and put them in the fridge for a few hours. I also made the sticky honey glaze in advance (when I say made, I mean found the ingredients and shoved them in a pan) to save time in the evening.

Sticky honey glaze

This contained oil, honey, garlic, soy sauce, red chillies and optional sesame seeds. Although obviously I had great plans for the sesame seeds (see chicken teriyaki), I thought it was worth using some here.

An hour before I wanted to eat, I shoved the ribs in the oven for 45 minutes. Then I glazed them with the sauce I prepared earlier and sprinkled with spring onions and baked them for a further 15 minutes.I heated the rest of the glaze to serve as a dipping sauce with the ribs.

I served the ribs with a salad and sweet potato wedges. I asked the Tesco online picker for medium sized sweet potatoes and this is what I got:

Longer than my 15cm kitchen ruler

There’s only one word to describe this potato and that word is, extremely large. These are seasoned with paprika, baked in the oven for 40 minutes and served with mustard and maple-flavoured-syrup-(see Granola bars)-glazed bacon, and herby crème fraiche.

The ribs were very well received – Mr Cookingfanatic said they were his favourite Lorraine dish so far, and another person was heard to say that eating meat off the bone made them feel like a Viking. The two dishes worked well together, both being a bit sweet.

Special thanks go to the Morrisons butcher and the Morrisons first aider, without whom this dish may not have come into being.

3 Replies to “14. Five-spice baked ribs and 15. Paprika baked sweet potato wedges with honey-glazed bacon & herby crème fraiche”

  1. I want to know how a trolley did so much damage. Was it while you were fighting an angry young man trying to force him into the trolley? I can remember doing that!!
    Katie isn’t very Viking -like so I’m pleased you’ve given her that experience.

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