12. Quick brown sugar & spring onion chicken teriyaki

Home Cooking Made Easy p84

I’m not normally one to measure out all of my ingredients beforehand, because a) I don’t have much worktop space, b) it creates washing up, and c) it’s a bit OCD. But Lorraine commands and I obey.

 Because this recipe requires you to chuck things in the pan fast, it is quite a good idea to have the ingredients ready. I used chicken thighs but sort of wished I hadn’t because it took an age to remove bones, skin and dice. I’ve already shared my tip with you about using root ginger (see butternut squash soup), but here’s a garlic tip: crush the unpeeled clove with the flat side of your knife blade using the heel of your hand. The skin then pops off and you can chop or crush further – no fiddly garlic press, no annoying peeling.

You also need to toast sesame seeds in a dry frying pan. As soon as they start to brown, remove them from the heat as they burn easily.

Everything should cook in the time it takes to do the rice. First brown the chicken, then add garlic and ginger. Add sugar, soy sauce and mirin (japanese rice wine, available from Tesco) and thicken a bit. Then add spring onions. Add sesame seeds just before serving.

This is very tasty and easy to make, but again has too much sugar for me (and although I may not be Nigella Lawson, I do love sweet food!).

Now I have a packet of left-over sesame seeds so I’ve been thinking about how to use them:

  • make the dish again
  • make brittle (p234)
  • decorate bread rolls (p50), burger baps (p46) or goat’s cheese truffles
  • make a small edible snow scene
  • substitute for rice as biodegradable confetti at a wedding for very small people (or pets)
  • use as poker chips (it will restrain your betting because it will take so long to count them out)
  • stick onto gingerbread fish as scales.

Well that’s enough to be getting on with!

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