10. Party time chocolate fridge cake

Home Cooking Made Easy p202

This fridge cake is a no-cook treat that takes about 20 minutes to make and then 2 hours to set in the fridge. Lorraine would make good use of that 2 hours to do some serious posing around the kitchen. Leaning on the worktop, pouting and chatting on your mobile could use up at least half an hour, leaving you an hour and a half to fill in your own creative ways!

First off – equipment. Lorraine suggests a 20cm square brownie tin. Ah yes, the brownie tin. That’s the one underneath the flapjack dish, next to my cheesecake tin, just on top of the ever-useful carrot cake tin. Lorraine only has 10 pieces of essential kit, but clearly the brownie tin was on the runners up list.

Basically, you need a tin which is quite deep, but small. I’m not sure I really have anything appropriate. I used a swiss roll tin, but it was too shallow. I used Lorraine’s tip of lining the tin with excess paper on either side, so it’s really easy to lift out once it’s done.

You just melt butter, chocolate and golden syrup, then add the biscuits, maltesers and any extras such as raisins and cherries. Transfer it to the tin and refrigerate to set. The maltesers are the clever addition because they make it look really pretty!

2 Replies to “10. Party time chocolate fridge cake”

  1. Mmmm fridge cake! One of my favourite gifts for new mums – on the grounds that they are about the only people who can get away with the massive calorific intake! I’ve got a couple of recipes (family) on my blog – but had not come across putting Maltesers in… that’s definitely one to try…

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