9. Thai green chicken curry

Home Cooking Made Easy p79.

By the end of this year, I will have a cupboard full of strange ingredients I had to buy for one recipe, such as truffle oil, japanese rice wine and juniper berries. Perhaps I shall actually set aside one cupboard for it, and it will become a sort of shrine. This week’s interesting ingredient was kaffir lime leaves. There were no fresh lime leaves to be had in our local shops, “not even for ready money,” so I had to use dried ones. It was, therefore, a relief to find Delia says “Fresh kaffir lime leaves can be hard to track down, but they also come freeze-dried rather like bay leaves, but with that unmistakable oriental-Thai flavour. Use dried, pounded in a pestle and mortar or soaked in a little hot water, and they’re almost as good as new. Fresh leaves can be kept in the freezer.”

This is a great recipe to make the same day as the butternut soup (see previous post), because you can use the coconut milk, coriander and chilli in both. It’s a very quick and easy recipe, ready in the time it takes to cook rice, about 15 minutes. If you use frozen peas rather than aubergine (she suggests either), then it could be made at a moment’s notice from basically storecupboard ingredients.

I was not convinced by Lorraine’s addition of sugar, so I’ll miss that out next time, and I also added a squeeze of lime (left over from the soup). I didn’t have basil leaves, so I used coriander. Because I was using dried kaffir lime leaves, I added them earlier to let them infuse.

First person to spot today’s literary quote and tell me where it’s from wins a dried kaffir lime leaf!


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