8. Roasted butternut squash soup with chilli and ginger

Home Cooking Made Easy p19

This is the recipe that “broke” Lorraine Pascale, and turned her from being a model into wanting to be a chef. I would like to claim a similar epiphanal career-changing moment for myself (Houses of Parliament, here I come …) but it wouldn’t be true. The best I can claim is a slowly dawning realisation that I quite like butternut squash. And on that bombshell …

You start off by roasting a butternut squash with some (unpeeled) garlic.

In fact, one of the great things about this recipe is no peeling! The butternut squash flesh is easy to scoop out of the skin once roasted and the garlic likewise pops out of its skin. Oh, actually, you have to peel an onion, sorry. While the squash is roasting, you soften an onion.

Then the squash and onion are mixed with grated ginger, sliced chilli and stock. Quick ginger tip: recipes always seem to need 2cm of fresh ginger, or “a thumb sized piece” if you follow Jamie Oliver. But root ginger comes in bigger quantities than that, especially if you get yours from the over-zealous Tesco online pickers. So when I need some in a recipe, I peel the whole lot, chop into thumb-sized portions (there is something slightly disturbing about the idea of chopping into thumbs isn’t there?) and freeze the rest. When you need it, you can just grate it from frozen.

Where were we? Ah yes, bring the mixture to the boil and then blend in a blender or food processor. My butternut squash was a bit small so the soup was thinner than intended, so didn’t blend completely smoothly. Reheat the soup, add seasoning and lime juice (I also added Tabasco because I hadn’t made it hot enough) and serve, garnished with coconut milk, coriander and chilli.

Those food-waste warriors will be after you if you open a tin of coconut milk and only use a splash as a garnish, so you’d better also make a thai green curry (see next post!). You can also double up on the coriander and chilli that way.

This is a lovely warming soup for a cold January day.

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