6. 21st century ham, cheese & chive bread

Home Cooking Made Easy p43

As Jamie Cullum sang, “This 21st Century Bread, is surrounded by illusion, and confusion.” It’s a no-yeast, no-knead bread, can it even be called a bread?

This bread uses self-raising flour, cheese, ham, chives and some seasoning, and then just water. I was pretty incredulous about whether it would work or taste ok, but I suppose it’s a bit like a scone dough. It’s incredibly easy to make – you just chuck all the ingredients in a bowl, add water and pull together into a dough. Perfect for cooking with kids:

Lorraine has a tip for baking – spray water into the oven. This creates a steamy atmosphere so the bread rises well before forming a crust. However, I’m really not sure how effective it is to spray water into a fan oven. Her other option (putting a tray of ice cubes in the bottom of the oven) might work better. Either way, much fun can be had with a water spray, a hot oven and a small child.

I was a bit disappointed with the end result of this bread. It looked and smelled great,

but it took quite a long time to cook, and was a bit heavy and wet.

However, I have heard of others having more success with this bread, so perhaps I did something wrong?

3 Replies to “6. 21st century ham, cheese & chive bread”

  1. I was really looking forward to make this so i made my bread the same as the recipe instructed, and although it smelled and looked great the bread ended up a bit doughy in the middle and vey heavy. I dont know what went wrong because i made sure i followed the recipe well.

    1. How disappointing! I aim to try the recipe again and see if I can make it better. Bread can be a rather scientific business – changes in the room’s humidity even affect it! I’ll let you know how I get on if I make it again soon.

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