Chocolate Baileys Fudge

I needed a birthday gift in a hurry and this little recipe used only storecupboard ingredients and took about 15mins. 

Line a tin with greaseproof paper. I used Lorraine’s tip of screwing up the paper first so that it lies flat.

Put 250g sugar, 250ml double cream and 25ml Baileys (see Essential Ingredients) in a pan and heat up gently until the sugar is all dissolved, stirring gently. Then turn heat up to a boil.

Keep it bubbling, keeping an eye on it, until it reaches soft-ball stage. If you have a sugar thermometer, this is 112-116’C. If you don’t have a thermometer, drop a small amount of the sugar mixture into cold water. If you can form it into a soft ball, it’s at the soft ball stage. Odd that.

Stir 75g of chocolate into the mixture. And pour the mixture into the tin.

Allow to cool and set before cutting into squares.

This makes a great Christmas gift, or of course you could always eat it yourself. I just ate the crumbs left behind, but they were pretty tasty!

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